Turkish Green Crescent Society

In an atmosphere of moral and cultural development in the country, the Society was founded to combat addictions such as tobacco, alcohol and drug dependences that devastate physical and mental health of the youth and the public in general, to fight against all bad habits like gambling and internet and technology addiction that cause harm to the youth and the society, as well as to raise generations that are loyal to their national culture.

In that framework, the Society mobilizes public awareness, power and resources to fight addictions, helps people in need under any circumstances, anywhere and anytime for preserving human dignity and respectability, and makes unceasing contribution to improvement of capacity to fight addictions. To that end, it also organizes joint events and establishes cooperation with national and international public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations.

• Alcohol addiction
• Tobacco addiction
• Drug addiction
• Gambling addiction
• Technology addiction


• In fighting against addictions, carries out research, developing and implementing projects and activities by using scientific and evidence-based methods.
• Establishes a documentation center by promoting scientific and academic studies; publishes newspapers, journals, books and bulletins by means of Green Crescent Publications.
• Aims to reach all parts of society by expanding organizational activities inside and outside of the country and by strengthening its member and volunteer network.
• Sees the media, internet and social media as viable means through which to fight against addictions and works hard for disseminating messages to all regions through the effective use of all channels of communication with society.
• Establishes Green Crescent Clubs at primary and secondary schools, high schools and universities, becoming a widespread presence in educational institutions; creates Green Crescent consciousness and awareness in children and youth.
• Prepares syllabi for formal and informal education institutions, works in cooperation with public institutions and organizations, organizes face-to-face and distance education content and is actively involved in education’s role in the fight against addictions.
• Cooperates with national and international organizations that support the Green Crescent mission and activities. Leads the establishment of Country Green Crescents abroad.
• Leads the formation of international umbrella organizations in support of international e  orts in the global fight against addiction.
• Works to increase social awareness by doing advocacy activities for the strengthening of legislation related addiction.
• Works to increase social awareness about addiction through social, cultural and athletic activities.
• Carries out shared projects and activities with public institutions and organizations. Participates as an active member in national and international associations, umbrella organizations and federations; develops effective cooperation with all partners in the fields of addiction research, prevention, and advocacy.